Virtuosos are human beings who exhibit exceptional performance in their field of activity. However, virtuosity is an under-studied field of human behavior: little is known about the processes involved to become a virtuoso, and in what they distinguish themselves from normal performers.

The on-going Virtuoso project attempts at studying virtuosity from a constructivist approach. Virtuoso is also a system allowing automatic generation of virtuosity, in the field of jazz (bebop) improvisation. Its goal is to exhibit professional-level human performance, and possibly better.


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A virtuoso improvisation on the French National Anthem, la Marseillaise, using a Sony Playstation Move.

CSL Open House in Tokyo

Fran├žois Pachet presents the Virtuoso system during the CSL Symposium and Open House in Tokyo, May 2010

Giant Steps

Giant Steps on saxophone, performed with a Playstation Move.


All the Things You Are

Gebert Ramalho duets with a Virtuoso sax (on a wiimote) and Fran├žois Pachet (guitar)

Virtuoso and Piano

Duet between a Virtuoso sax and Mark d'Inverno (piano)

All the Things You Are

A Virtuoso violin performance of All The Things You Are, on Playstation Move.


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