MIROR is an acronym for "Musical Interaction Relying On Reflexion". The project is co-funded by the European Community under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework Programme. The role of SONY CSL in the MIROR Project has been to develop technical modules and interactive environments to implement the various scenarios based on reflexive interactions. The technologies developed by CSL include constrained Markov generation as used in the Continuator, but also machine learning techniques as well as combinatorial optimization techniques. Two main pilot applications have being developed: MIROR-IMPRO (a successor of Continuator) and MIROR-COMPO (an natural extension of IMPRO for composition).
MIROR started on the 1st of September 2010 and has been successfully completed three years later. Following some comments extracted from the final reviews :

"The project is a landmark in the development of technology enhanced music systems. It serves as a reference and source of inspiration for new initiatives in this research domain."

"There is evidence that the project can achieve a significant scientific, technical, commercial, social impact."

"They show that an interdisciplinary approach and collaboration between hard and soft sciences is feasible and that the development of technology in a context of psychology-pedagogy can be mutually fruitful. The technological results are interesting and the interdisciplinary approach also led to new and promising methodologies for the psychological-pedagogical sciences."

"The consortium tested the psychological and pedagogical effectiveness of the Reflexive Interactive Paradigm (RIP) that was implemented in the MIROR technology using a mix of methods that combine both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Some publications of the final results are on their way of being published and they willcertainly have impact in the field."

"The consortium has set up a system that implements the spiral approach in development and testing. The resulting tools have been iteratively refined over the whole project and proven to be fully accessible and usable for the community" "The technology provided new stimulations for thinking out of the box about new pedagogy and child–machine interactions. The MIROR project, despite its possible shortcomings, can be seen as a landmark in the domain and it will inspire new developments in this fascinating field."












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A screenshot from the MIROR-COMPO environment.


A screenshot from the MIROR-IMPRO environment.