Histoire de ma musique: story of an ear

Histoire de ma musique is a story about the ontogenesis of a musical ear. From jazz to pop, from baroque compositions to “supermarket” songs, this perceptual inquiry travels over the evolution of a taste for music, built up of encounters, doubts and illuminations. Its Proustian goal is to reconstruct the evolution of the ear of a 20th century individual fed with music of the 60s, and in constant search of his lost musical memories.

Histoire the ma musique is now available as an iPhone app, integrated with all the musical passages and songs quoted in the text (about 1000 extracts).

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Séminaire "Ontogenèse d'une oreille musicale"

In the framework of the seminar series "Singularités et technologie", held at the Maison Suger in 2008, François Pachet discusses and illustrates examples from each chapter of Histoire de ma musique. (in French)