The Continuator is a usable musical instrument combining techniques from interactive and automatic learning systems. It learns and interactively plays with a user in the user's style. It is based on a Markov model of musical styles augmented to account for efficient real time learning of musical styles and to arbitrary external bias.

The Continuator is an attempt to bridge the gap between two classes of traditionally incompatible musical systems: 1) interactive musical systems, limited in their ability to generate stylistically consistent material, and 2) music composition systems, which are fundamentally not interactive.

The purpose of Continuator is to extend the technical ability of musicians with stylistically consistent, automatically learnt musical material. This requires the ability for the system to build operational representations of musical styles in real time, and to adapt quickly to external musical information.


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Bernard Lubat at IRCAM

Bernard Lubat, world famous jazz musician, poly instrumentist and contemporary music composer, has played with the Continuator at the Festival d'Uzeste ( 2000 and 2001), and at IRCAM in 2001.

Claude Barthélémy

Claude Barthélémy, one of the fastest and most original guitarist in the world, plays the Continuator.

György Kurtág

Kurtág, performer of improvised contemporary music of international reputation, plays with the Continuator.

Children playing with the continuator

Continuator as a pedagogical application

Bernard Lubat at Uzeste

Bernard Lubat improvises with the Continuator in a concert during the Festival of Uzest, which he has founded in 1977.

Musical Turing test with the Continuator on VPRO Channel (Amsterdam)

Two music critics (Henkjan Honing and Koen Schouten) listening to Jazz pianist Albert van Veenendaal playing with a Yamaha grand piano and the Continuator. They had then to decide who was playing. The result was largely in favor of the Continuator...

David Bristow and the Continuator

David Bristow, internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of development and voicing of FM synthesis, as well as professional pianist, plays with the Continuator.

The Continuator featured by the Centre Pompidou

In the framework of the exhibition "Design Intefarcitf - Expériences du Sensible" the Centre Pompidou presents the Continuator.

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Kurtàg father and son playing with the continuator

Kurtàg father and son: Entraînement à la création de Zwiegespräch with the Continuator.